Why do we compare ourselves to others?

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Let’s face it, unless you’re a completely self-actualized individual who has reached a higher state of being (in which case you’re probably not reading this blog), you compare yourself to others to some degree. Regardless of how good our lives are, or how fit we are, we look at the chick with the amazing legs, someone with a PR faster than ours (personal record for you non-runners), or the guy with the six-pack and we judge ourselves because of them. Why do we do this? They’re not us and we’re not them. Perhaps, genetically they’re more gifted than we are. Hate to tell you guys this, but a lot of that muscle is a genetic gift. Sure, he may work hard, but the average guy is not going to look like Lebron James or J.J. Watt no matter how hard he tries. Vice versa, I will never look like Giselle (or like most of the women in my profession), nor will I run like LoLo Jones. A fast twitch muscle fiber would die of loneliness in my body, and, my cellulite and being built like a twelve-year old boy prevent me from being a supermodel. (ugh, life is so unfair!!)

But I do possess this gift; I am me, and I work as hard as I can on any given day. My cellulitic thighs have gotten me through three full marathons, countless half marathons, 10ks, and obstacle races. I can swim, bike, dance (questionably), do yoga and kick ass in the weight room. But, most important of all, I can walk with my dogs, enjoy time with friends and family, go see my favorite bands and be happy!! Many people, for many different reasons, do not have this luxury. So when I look at my life I realize it’s silly to compare myself to others, because I am not them, and I’m pretty grateful for that. You should be too, because you’re pretty awesome as you are! ✌️

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