Staying on Track with your Goals this Fall

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Fall, as with any season, is a time of transition; Days begin to get shorter, we settle back into our normal routines with school, work and families. Unfortunately, Autumn is also a time we start to “nest” and become more inactive and go for heavier comfort foods. Here are 3 tips to help keep you on your health & fitness goals as we move into fall:

1. Schedule your workouts for the week.

Look at your gym’s class schedule and sign up in advance if possible. If you have a trainer, get in her book a few times a week at set times. This will create accountability and consistency. No trainer or gym membership? That’s okay! Plan to walk or run with a friend before or after work, or even with a coworker at lunchtime. Set a time that you know can do and block off your calendar, just like any other meeting. This time for you and your health is just as important as your weekly status meeting at work.

2. Plan your meals ahead of time and eat seasonally.

Your meals don’t have to be elaborate, but you can make quick, healthy meals for you and your family with foods that are most nutritious in the fall, like squash, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds and cruciferous vegetables. Also, adding spices like ginger and turmeric will help fight inflammation that arises during this cold and flu season.

3. Breath.

Our lungs become affected with the colder weather and dampness so we need to take time to strengthen them. We also start to get stressed out about the holidays and craziness that ensues. Taking time daily for yoga, meditation or just deep breathing is important for body and mind.

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