5 Tips for new runners

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1. Invest in a good pair of shoes

Get your gait analyzed at a runner store and get fitted with the proper shoe for you. What works for your friend might not be what’s best for you

2. Walk run combo

There’s no law that says you have to run consecutively. If your heart rate is too high and you need to slow down and walk, do it! It’s better than just stopping completely because you feel like you haven’t met your goal. When you’re ready, start running again. Trust me, I still take walk breaks and I’ve been running for almost 15 years.

3. Sign up for a race

What better way to stay motivated and on track then to have a goal? If it’s your first race, perhaps a local 5k or 10k. Give yourself a few months to train and have a weekly goal as far as mileage and days per week to run.

4. Get a running buddy

There’s no better way to stay accountable than to have a buddy. Set a time and place and commit. This way you know if you don’t make it, you’re letting that person down, not just yourself. They key is to find someone with a goal as well, and someone who won’t flake on you either.

5. Keep track of your food, miles and mood

It’s easy to overestimate how hard you’ve worked, just as it’s really easy to underestimate how much you’re consuming. People often gain weight when they start running for this reason. Running 3.1 miles does not warrant carb loading and eating a giant plate of pasta. You’ll probably find it’ll just sit like a lead bomb in your stomach and slow you down. Instead, eat nutritious foods to fuel you through your run, regardless of the distance.

Be mindful of how you feel during and after each run. This is a good way to determine if you’re better suited to run in the morning, midday or evening, and also to keep track of the foods that worked best for you before each run.

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