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My name is Jaime Anton and I am a fitness professional in the Denver Metro area. My philosophy as a trainer centers on balance – living a full life while maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. I believe in making good choices, enjoying indulgences, and taking an everything-in-moderation approach to fitness and food.

I believe in using an upbeat and realistic approach to healthier living. Making time for health and fitness should always be a priority, but so should feeding your soul with friends and family. Perhaps certain days you need solitary time to read a book or listen to a record. If we feed our bodies and our minds with proper nourishment, then our lives feel more aligned with our goals. Some days you may need an energetic, long run. Other days, a mindful yoga class hits the spot. Sometimes you need your trainer to kick your butt, while other times you need a nap.

Listening to your body and giving it what it needs is a critical part of being healthy and fit.

Quote I Love: Live the life you love. Love the life you live ~ Bob Marley

What does Record Change Fitness mean?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am as passionate about music as I am about fitness. If I’m not out for a run, or in the gym training clients, there’s a good chance I’m seeing a band somewhere or listening to my pretty amazing collection of vinyl. Music feeds my soul, so I found it essential to include something music related in my business name. To me, when we “change the record” we’re embarking on a whole new journey: Something new and exciting is awaiting us, we just have to change that record. This doesn’t mean that the record is broken, perhaps we just need a different tune because the old one no longer suits us.

The name also symbolizes a personalized experience; it’s a new record for you! Your best version of yourself! How cool is that!?

If you’re ready to change your record, I’d love to help you!


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  • On my fitness journey, Jaime has definitely been my #1 ally!

    Valine Highlands Ranch, CO
  • When I first started working with Jaime, I was just beginning to deal with Type II Diabetes. Well, she got me working on my diet. I've lost 30lbs and my blood sugar levels continue to improve. She's a great motivator, her focus is always on you, she's very innovative, patient, and thank goodness, has a sense of humor. I highly recommend Jaime!

    Cathy Denver, CO
  • Working with Jaime and Record Change Fitness has been an amazing experience. Jaime truly cares about her clients, their goals and what is going on in their world outside of the gym. Jaime takes a ‘whole client’ approach. She is a tremendous resource for nutrition information, mindset and, of course, fitness.

    Keith Denver, CO
  • Two years ago I underwent a radical hip replacement due to cancer and Jaime worked diligently with me to get me to walk without a cane and improve my mobility and strength. I know I wouldn't be as mobile and strong if it weren't for her. What makes Jaime different is her ability to listen and learn the types of exercises that I need as recommended by my physical therapist.

    Beth Aurora, CO
  • I certainly would not be where I am at today without Jaime. She has helped me achieve personal goals that I never thought were possible. Jaime was by my side, and crossed the finish line with me, on my first 5k. I then went on to accomplish several 5Ks, 10Ks, and 3 half marathons with her encouragement and coaching!

    Lisa Evergreen, CO
  • My husband and I have been clients of Jaime's for several years. At ages 61 and 65 respectively, we've never felt better, nor imagined our bodies would be in this good of shape at this time of our lives!

    Marj Aurora, CO
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